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Patient Comfort and Dental Technology

Some people experience nervousness about visiting the dentist. We try to present a peaceful setting with comforts to make your visit enjoyable, such as headphones for music, warm blankets, and neck pillows. For patients with anxiety, Dr. Grabarz can administer nitrous oxide gas during treatment. Our team is committed to making your visit pleasant, so let us know how we can ease your concerns.

Dr. Grabarz, a laser dentist, uses a soft tissue laser for gum lifts and gum disease therapy. A dental laser takes the place of traditional oral surgery, so gum lifts, gum disease therapy, soft tissue grafts, and biopsies are more comfortable than ever. Learn more about laser dentistry here.

The Wand, a pen-like hand piece that administers anesthesia and controls medication dosing, will help Dr. Grabarz control your comfort during dental procedures. Read more about The Wand here.

Receive thorough, stress-free treatment at Beckett Dental Care. We serve patients from Hamilton, Fairfield, Mason, West Chester, Liberty Twp., and the greater Cincinnati area. Contact our West Chester office to set your next appointment with Dr. Grabarz.

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We welcome patients in Butler, Warren and Hamilton County including the communities of the West Chester, Fairfield, Cincinnati, Mason, Lebanon, Lakota, Springdale, Trenton, Liberty Twp, Sharonville, Hamilton and Forest Park, Ohio.